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34. ‘Gothic tale ticks all the dark boxes’: The Scotsman on Possessions of Doctor Forrest

Jim Ferguson wrote a gratifying review of Doctor Forrest in The Scotsman last weekend, which kindly made note of my connection to Edinburgh through my past work c. 1998-2001 as a programme consultant to the city’s celebrated Film Festival. Ferguson went on to propose that a screen adaptation of the novel would be something to savour (or, in the nicest possible way, to shudder at… ‘one to watch from behind the sofa cushions.’) I also liked his reference to the ‘prosperous Metro-Scot commmunity in London’, which was/is certainly a subject of interest to me, and a smart way to put it too. A close reading of the novel for sure, and since the reviewer found in it ‘a strong sense of place’, ‘sharply observed dialogue’ and (the vital ingredient) ‘spine-chilling terror‘, then I trust in this case it did its work…


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