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The Possessions of Doctor Forrest

Richard T. Kelly’s The Possessions of Doctor Forrest is coming soon…

The tradition of the Gothic novel comes alive once again in this spine-chilling fable – the story of a disappearance, a diabolical bargain, and a terrifying series of physical transformations.

Dr Forrest

Dr Forrest

Three respected Scottish doctors – psychiatrist Steve Hartford, paediatric surgeon Grey Lochran and cosmetic surgeon Robert Forrest – have been friends since their Edinburgh boyhoods, and now live comfortably in suburban London. But for each, midlife has brought certain discontents, especially for Forrest, a reformed hellraiser who broods over his fading looks and the departure of his beautiful younger girlfriend.

When Doctor Forrest goes missing one summer evening and fails to resurface, Lochran and Hartford are alarmed by the thought of what might have befallen their friend. The police can find no evidence of foul play, but the two doctors resolve to conduct their own investigation…

The Possessions of Doctor Forrest proposes a mystery, narrated first through the eyes of Lochran and Hartford. Only in the story’s finale, Robert Forrest’s ‘Confession’ of his sins, is the true and terrible explanation of events revealed. En route Richard T. Kelly leads the reader on a descent into darkness that is both disturbing and beguiling, sinister and erotic, pregnant with strangeness and dread.


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