About this blog

Dear reader – mon semblable, mon frère, ou ma soeur…
Thank you for visiting the official web-log of The Possessions of Doctor Forrest, a novel of mine that will be published by Faber and Faber on June 2 2011. The novel tells a story of the supernatural, with distinct overtones of the gothic style, though its dramatic events unfold in the present day (more or less…) In writing this novel I have hoped not only to tell an entertaining tale but also to repay a debt of love that I owe to the genre of the macabre and sinister and diabolical – a love for ‘tales of mystery and imagination’, which began for me – as it does for many people, strange as it always sounds – in childhood. On this blog I will be writing entries devoted to books and authors, art and artists, films and filmmakers, music and composers that have thrilled and unnerved me, and given me the impetus to want to tell a horror story of my own.
In weeks to come I hope the blog will slowly build into a sort of concordance of the supernatural, however partial and personal in its tastes; and I hope you will find more than a few things here that are familiar delights to you, or else unknown pleasures yet to be indulged.
Yours, ever,
Richard T Kelly


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