72. ‘Kelly’s brand of modern macabre’: A Durham Reads/Book Festival write-up

Yes, I’ve been away awhile… Been doing a little surgery, heh heh. On myself, heh heh. But I’m sure I’m still recognisable as me, whoever that is, heh heh… (Enough cod-EC Comics yucks. Ed.)
I should have linked to this nice write-up of the Dr Forrest event in Durham a good deal sooner. It’s by a promising young scribe named Marian Shek. And it brings back cheerful memories of what was a very lively evening, which Marian pleasingly thumbnails as “a celebration of the rich tradition” of literary Gothic, through the glass of “Kelly’s brand of modern macabre” (heh heh…). I like the expression “delicious darkness”, just as I’m pleased to be commended for “rich, luxurious language” (as opposed to, say, odd archaic anachronisms…) and to have it observed that my onstage manner is “teasing as ever”… Which is where, on this occasion, we came in.


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