62. The Faber ‘Possessions of Doctor Forrest’ Podcast: Three readings and an interview

For those who are truly curious I’d hazard to say that there is plenty of good material to be found on Doctor Forrest courtesy of the new Faber podcast, made by George Miller, with whom I also discussed my debut novel Crusaders back in 2008. Some of the podcast material is made very conveniently accessible at the Faber ‘Thought Fox’ blog: here (if you scroll down a little) you will find a 20-minute audio interview with yours truly and also 4-5 minutes worth of on-camera interview. And at George Miller’s own Podularity site you will find a download of the interview but also three extracts from the novel read by myself – and if you would like to proceed to these readings directly from here let me do the linking and say that the first is the voice of Dr Grey Lochran from Chapter 1, turning over the details of Forrest’s disappearance; the second is Dr Steven Hartford from Chapter 18, relating the bizarre and violent behaviour of David Tregaskis just prior to Eloise Keaton’s discharging from Blakedene Hall; and the third is Doctor Forrest, from his ‘Confession’, admitting to the ‘secret wound’ within that drove him to his terrible crimes.


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