52. Phantom ‘Themes from Doctor Forrest’: The Fog by Kate Bush

Kate Bush, interviewed by Bruce McDonald of WFNX Boston in 1989 on the release of her album The Sensual World:

Q:… ‘The Fog’ appears to be on the surface the story of a father teaching his child to swim. Yet there’s much more to it than that.
KB: Yeah, it’s very much using the parallel of the father teaching the child to swim, with a relationship where – well, when I was taught to swim, my father would take me out into the water and then he’d say, you know, “Swim to me,” and you had to sort of let go of his hands and he’d keep stepping away so it was always like you kept going. And the whole process of kind of letting go that I think we have to do throughout life. I think, really, the older I get the more I feel this is what so much of life is about. It’s just letting go of all these things that you get caught up in. The idea in the song that things that you’re frightened of, quite often, it’s the thought of it that’s more frightening than the action…


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