47. @BooksBeccaBuys: Doctor Forrest, The Reaper, and a Neo-Gothic Genre…

Rebecca Cosgriff is a keen reader and blogging reviewer who recently earned herself a guest slot in Stylist magazine. Her blog BooksBeccaBuys is designed to counter certain deficiencies that she finds in mainstream Books pages – or as she puts it, “reviews which offer more than “good”, don’t give a summary of the whole plot, or take less time to read than the books itself have proved elusive. Hence, Booksbeccabuys provides you with an introduction to the plot and an evaluation of the novel’s overall effectiveness. In 100 words or less. Lovely.”
It so happens that The Possessions of Doctor Forrest is her latest write-up, and I hope Rebecca won’t mind if I lift the entirety of it for perusal below, since it seems to me such a model of succinctness and I am, of course, very pleased by all of the observations that she succeeds in fitting therein:

“After his disappearance, Dr Forrest’s friends watch as the abyss that lies in his wake inexplicably consumes their every lead and the Grim Reaper’s touch edges closer to those they hold dear. A foreseeable plot that is typical of gothic literature does not detract from the gripping mystery laid down in this book. A subtly sinister tale of partnership between Hubris and the femme fatale pays homage to the masters of the field (Dante in particular) without being weighed down by them. Kelly’s skilful displacement of the gothic dialect to the modern day lays the foundations for a neo-gothic genre.”


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