44. Phantom ‘Themes from Doctor Forrest’: I Want to Vanish – Elvis Costello

I have written a fair bit about the influence on me of various bits of classical music during the writing of this novel; but anyone who knows me will tell you that Classical does not form the bulk of my record collection… And so there are all sorts of songs that I love and consider highly conducive to a mood – especially when (as Elvis Costello sings most plaintively in ‘I Want to Vanish’) ‘I’m trying my best to make it dark…’ I’ll be strewing a few such songs across this blog in the weeks ahead, and I’ll call them ‘Phantom Themes from Doctor Forrest‘ since what will link them all is my strange feeling that I can already hear them playing over images in the forthcoming film of the novel… I could start with none better than the aforementioned ‘I Want to Vanish’ – one of Costello’s finest works of elegant melancholy, the application of which to The Possessions of Doctor Forrest will not need much elucidation to readers who’ve already got through the book…

I want to vanish
This is my last request
I’ve given you the awful truth
Now give me my rest…


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