27. David Peace & I debate the Occult…

I’m pleased to report that I’ve been asked to read and speak in the company of the mighty David Peace at the first in what is envisaged as a regular/monthly series of literary soirees organised by Faber and Faber under the label of The Faber Social. This inaugural is scheduled for Monday 6th June 2011 @ 7pm, venue being The Social at 5 Little Portland Street, London W1W 7JD. As I understand it David Peace will read, he and I will talk, then I will read a bit too. Simple as that. What will we talk about? The audience has been promised “all things gothic, occult and Northern.” Well, yes, for sure we can do that. I expect I will want to ask David about his extraordinary novel Occupied City. This review by Justin Cartwright is worth reading primarily for the virtue that one could believe Cartwright had read nothing of Peace’s prior to this, his eighth novel; and initially he seems a little sceptical – which makes his stealthy appreciation of the book’s high merits (“hugely daring, utterly irresistible, deeply serious and unlike anything I have ever read”) all the more striking, even touching.


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